Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Life is so messy. This summer it seems as more bad things have happened than good. Their are good things-so many. It is just that the bad are over shadowing the good things.

Tim and I had an great weekend in St. Louis. It was so wonderful. We saw the daughter of dear friend's of mine receive her baptism, which was deeply moving. We were able to spend time with my dad.

We got married this summer. That alone should be enough. But it seems the first two months of marriage are not without disagreements and hurt feelings and sad surprises. Of course, it brings laughter and joy and fun-but even I know it wouldn't be real without the pain.

Both Husband and I have felt pain from family members-some pain more intentional than others. I am sure we have caused pain as well.

Sometimes, especially on days like today-when you wake up to bad phone calls in the earliest hours of the morning, it seems like it will be this way forever. Bad things do not quickly disappear. Instances that involve people, feelings, emotions, addictions, and the such-they tend to linger.

Somedays it just lingers and other days it is added on to. Today it was added too.

I am guilty of adding to others. I am guilty of not understanding how my actions effect people-people I would never guess would be effected. I know I am selfish, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if others know how selfish they were being.

Now I know I am being vague, but that is because I do not have permission or the desire to write someone else's life. All I can do is write what I am learning from their lives.

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