Sunday, March 23, 2014


 This past week our lovely cat passed away. She was born with a bladder disease, that after a year and a half of treatment and prayers, it seemed to only be getting worse.

She was in pain, and it seemed to be increasing. Our vet recommended that the best thing we could do for Mimzi would be to let her go. And it broke our hearts.

I bought Mimzi as Tim's Christmas present in 2012. She was just a baby who fit into our lives instantly. Within hours of being here she was cuddled up sleeping with our dog. She and Jovi were quickly best friends.

It was not long before we knew something was wrong with our otherwise perfect kitten. She was urinating outside of her box-on laundry, in bathtubs, towels, beds, any and everywhere was fair game.

Our vet did tests and told us she had crystals in her bladder and her ph balance was off. From what we have learned this felt like a bladder infection or kidney stones. It is very painful, and her out of the box urinating was her trying to find comfort and relief from pain.

They prescribed a new food. It was expensive, but we bought it. It did not help. We tried an over the counter version. It did not help, but we kept buying it. Things were getting worse. We took her back to the vet and nothing had changed with her bladder. She was still in pain.

We tried everything we could in the following week. We only gave her wet food, and I snuck watermelons into her food to get more moisture into her body. We bought her expensive litter that would be softer. It worked for a while. We were elated. But suddenly it did not work. She was still in pain and was finding new places to eliminate.

Last Wednesday we said our goodbyes. I help her so she could see out the window, perhaps the thing she loved most to do. I watched the life drain out of her eyes. I was the last thing she saw, and Tim's voice the last she heard on this earth.

Our hearts are broken and our home empty. After a year and a half of having her we look for her out of habit, where our hearts know she should be-even though our minds know better.

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