Saturday, June 8, 2013

Becoming The Hyphenated Hippie

I was probably always a hippie. I've loved trees, animals, peace, health care for all, ending hunger, and all of those hippie type things.

Up until a week ago though I was an unhyphenated hippie. Last Saturday, June first, I got married. I have known for years I would never drop my last name so the hyphen was thrown in and The Hyphenated Hippie was born.

Our wedding was probably not beautiful. It was probably not one anyone would be jealous of nor would many people even want to go to. Their was no dancing, their was no alcohol, their were no center pieces, aisle runners, unity candles, flower girls, giving away of the bride, guest book, tuxes, or ballroom princess gowns.

But their was people who loved us, and we loved. Their was cake. Their was plenty of smiles. Their was my best friend and his best friend. Their were hugs and kisses and tears and joy. Their was so much more than a wedding-their was a beginning of a marriage.

I plan on using this blog to share our lives and our adventures. Our failures and successes. We will eventually share in the joy of the children we hope to have and how we are choosing to live our lives as twenty first century hippies.

So welcome to our journey.

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