Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Married Life

I was so busy with school and work and life things that I did not have time to think much what life would be like once we were officially married. The thing is-it is not that different, at least not yet. I mean, other than living together and such. But I knew that was coming.

I did develop a fear of loosing my space-my sanctuary before the wedding. I could not imagine another person in my house. Adjusting to the new cat was difficult enough. But the big problem with the cat was that she peed on everything all the time. Now that she has stopped doing that we get along much better. So far my husband has yet to pee on my things. It turns out I have some shockingly low standards-if you don't pee on my things I can apparently adjust to living with you pretty well.

My space is different now though. Laundry needs done more often, I have to share the sink in the bathroom sometimes, the dishwasher isn't loaded in the most space saving way, and their are opinions that are not mine. But, while I don't love all of those things, I do not hate any of those things. In fact, most of the changes that have occurred in my house are great. Someone else helps take care of the cat and the dog, someone else helps with the dishes, makes the bed, does the laundry, makes ice, cleans, and is just making sure things get done.

Yesterday we did what we consider our first big married project. We cleaned the garage and the inside of the car. Together we hauled everything out of the garage, swept the floor and hosed it down, we also hosed down all of the stuff we had in the garage-even that garbage cans. It was a big project that we accomplished together. We felt very married. And I love clean things so that made it even better.

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